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A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies(II): Ultimate Faith (1-3)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-06-16
What is ultimate faith? It is belief in the ultimate reality of all existence viewed as a transcendental whole and confidence in it as the ultimate support for spiritual sustenance. It can appear either as worship of some deity or deities in religion or as conviction in and adherence to some abstract notion about supreme being or ultimate truth such as secular Daoism and Buddhism. In other words, ultimate faith is not exactly the same as religious faith, for it can be either religious or non-religious.
A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies(II): Ultimate Faith (4-5)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-06-01
... aspects of ultimate faith -- limited possibility and misleading ambiguity of verbalization, and its symbolic and intuitive nature – inevitably lead to the diversity in ways of presentation... Given the differences in geographical environment, cultural tradition and other subjective and objective conditions, the above-said diversity is not only natural but necessary and beneficial, not detrimental, to the sublimation of human spirit in general....
Mature Ultimate Faith in the Undivided “One” -- A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies (III-1)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-05-16
A mature ultimate faith transcends all binary oppositions, including that between “mind” and “matter”, or between “the subject” and “the object”. What is believed in as the ultimate reality must embrace whatever is imagined to be existing, not missing anything. It must be all-in-one without distinction between “primary” and “secondary”.... This “unity” must not be presented only as a juggling of words but first be realized in cognitive understanding, that is, be understood as an ultimate unity of everything without any kinds of differentiation, such as between a physical world (e.g., “matter” as opposed to “mind”) and a specific form of spirit (e.g., “God the creator” as opposed to creatures or “the created”).
Multi-Dimensional Balance out of Ultimate Intangibility -- A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies (III-2)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-04-16
The ultimate origin of all existence is not anything substantial or tangible; it is only unlimited potentialities, neither material nor spiritual,... The basic principle of ultimate rationality is actually determined by the causal conditions for the emergence of the human-perceived world, i.e., by the limitedness of human consciousness, as is manifested in the multi-stage structure and outcome of human cognition.
From “Transcendental Chaos” to Mind-Matter Split -- The mind/matter issue in Eastern philosophical perspective(2)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-04-01
The “Human-Perceived World” is only one of the infinitely many possible worlds unfolding out of the “Transcendental Chaos”, i.e., a particular presentation of the latter revealed through the function of the finite human cognitive structure. Their relationship is that between the particular and the general...
MindMatter-as-One: Ontology and Epistemology -- The mind/matter issue in Eastern philosophical perspective (1)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-03-16
This is the first part of a series of postings by the author discussing the philosophical mind/matter issue in semipopular language. This discussion provides a metaphysical basis for an accurate comprehension of the author’s and. more extensively, of the New Legalist’s discussions on political, economic and cultural matters.
DAOIST-LEGALIST SOCIALISM: One with real Chinese characteristics (Table of contents)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-03-01
Though socialism in the Marxist sense has suffered serious setbacks, it is still a new and vibrant thing if viewed in the macro-historical perspective. It’s practice over half the world for almost a whole century has left behind a rich treasury of both positive experiences and negative lessons. When the wisdom from such newest human experiences is combined with that from the long-standing tradition of the only one surviving ancient civilization, the spiritual power thus produced, one can imagine, must be world-shaking and long-lasting. Therefore, as more and more people over the globe are looking for ways different from liberal capitalism for running human affairs, what this book presents will surely provide much needed food for thought, to say the least.
Eastern Wisdom Can Help Solve Today’s Global Problems -- A Study of the “Dynamically-Balanced Multi-Dimensional Whole” World View
By Sherwin Lu   2019-02-01
we need a comprehensive world view which can be used to best analyze all natural and socio-historical phenomena. Fortunately, there is one, which can be summarized as the “Dynamically-Balanced Multi-Dimensional Whole” world view, or the Dynamic-Whole view for short.
Equality in Political discourse vs. Inequality in Economic Relations (3-4): False dichotomies between false concepts
By Sherwin Lu   2018-11-06
Since labor and capital should “share some common interest”, business management is a kind of “public” matter and should be run on the political principle of democracy, which latter depends on equal rights to social-economic resources. Therefore, genuine freedom and democracy must be based on labor-capital equality in ownership of means of production.
David Kotz speaks on the demise of the Soviet Union and its impact on the Socialist Movement (video)
By David Kotz   2018-04-26
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