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David Kotz speaks on the demise of the Soviet Union and its impact on the Socialist Movement (video)
By David Kotz   2018-04-26
Re-Present the History of Global Civilization with Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as the Coordinate Center
By Zhai Yuzhong (翟玉忠)   2018-03-01
I hope we Chinese will free ourselves from the limit of the Western perspective and learn to view the world from the standpoint in the outer space high above us. Then we will see that it is none other than the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Earth’s third pole, that is the dividing point between different human civilizations... When you tour through the mountains and rivers all over the earth, looking again into the global mosaic of diverse ethnic cultures with a heart full of brotherly feelings, you will find a totally different world and that will be a new start of mankind’s future...
Lack of Ultimate Humility, Tolerance and Balance-Oriented Thinking -- A Critique of Communist Ideology, II(6-8) - III
By Sherwin Lu   2017-06-01
Of the three value items of humility, tolerance and balance-seeking mentality most needed by humanity today, humility is the one that commands over the other two (which are derived from it) from the supreme metaphysical height. All three belong to the domain of "ultimate rationality" (related to world outlook, view on life and moral values) and should penetrate into all areas of sub-spiritual and material life on the physical level, including instrumental rationality, scientific research, and scholarship in humanities. They are authentically universal values. Anything that runs counter to the three top value items headed by "humility" is but deceitful lies.
Lack of Spiritual Transcendence – A Critique of Communist Ideology, II(3-5)
By Sherwin Lu   2017-04-01
Marx’s idea of human emancipation lacks spiritual dimension. As far as human capability is concerned, to produce enough necessities for everybody on this planet is not a problem at all today. Why, then, are so many people still suffering from hunger, cold and homelessness, while those who have more than enough are still pursuing more and more material wealth so relentlessly as to trigger violence, wars and slaughter everywhere, and terror acts, and nuclear threats and ecological disasters? It is because, under the indulgent influence of the cultural atmosphere that is typical of the commercial society dominated by big capital, people are universally obsessed with self-satisfaction of all sorts of extravagant material desires in disregard of others’ well-being….
A Critique of Communist Ideology: I-II(1-2) Marx’s contribution and failure
By Sherwin Lu   2017-03-01
Marx has basically accomplished the historical mission entrusted to him by his time and deserves to be remembered as one of the greatest thinkers in human history. / His two failures: …“historical materialism” has doomed his communist idea of “emancipation” to be no more than one in the materialistic sense only… Due to lack of ultimate spiritual concern, all exploiting classes are regarded only as culprits for and beneficiaries from social injustices, hence only to be eliminated via social revolution as stumbling blocks on the road towards human emancipation, thus being excluded from human beings to be emancipated.
Go beyond Physical Short-Sightedness and Return to the Metaphysical Ultimate
By Sherwin Lu   2017-02-01
Chinese civilization never depended for the spread of its culture on military power but on the moral strength of its thought tradition. Military actions should be adopted for self-defense only, just to counter anti-Dao violence. Any thought or culture that attempts to impose itself on others would never belong to nor represent traditional Chinese civilization – it would just be an ideology. History has proved once and again that any thought, culture and civilization that embodies the ultimate moral justice would unfailingly be transformed sooner or later into undefeatable material strength which can resist or absorb any vicious force that runs counter to the Supreme Way, even though it might, possibly due to its own faults, be subjected to temporary setbacks by momentarily powerful enemies. Just as what Lenin once quoted from Krylov’s Fables, the eagle may sometimes fly lower than a chicken, but a chicken can never soar as high as an eagle.
Traditional Socialism(3): Unidimensional Political Economy & Dualistic “Democratic Centralism”
By Sherwin Lu   2017-01-01
Marxist political economy, by revealing that capital, with its domination over labor, has usurped the whole surplus value from social production, has successfully provided in economic terms the theoretical rationale for the final elimination of the exploitation system rooted in private ownership of means of production... However, there are deficiencies in this theory due to lack of dimensions in the way of thinking... ...Just as the philosophy of dialectical materialism is dualistic in failing to unify mind and matter into a transcendental oneness, the traditional socialist principle of “democratic centralism” as an application of that philosophy, phrased as “centralism based on democracy and democracy guided by centralism [the center]” is also dualistic in evading the fundamental question: Which of the two, “democracy” or “centralism”, or something even more essential, should have the ultimate authority?
Scientists say your “mind” isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body
By Olivia Goldhill   2016-12-25
The New Legalist editor: This is an important contribution to mankind's effort to depart from the Western traditional (including Marx's "dialectical materialist") mind-vs.-matter dualist philodophical view of all existence.
Traditional Socialism(2): Confrontational,Unidimensional, Monolithic
By Sherwin Lu   2016-12-01
Ultimately-confrontational thinking is the application of the dualistic law of “unity of opposites” to the way of thought.... The confrontational thinking that runs though traditional class–struggle theory and practice without an awareness of the need for an upper-level-balance has led to results unfavorable to the proletariat.... This absolutization fails to see that capital may also originate in labor (i.e., savings from wage/salary income), that... that... and that... What were more damaging were those from-time-to-time nation-wide campaigns aiming at resolving ideological “deviations” by political or even paramilitary means (such as manhandling). Consequently, dedicated socialists were replaced batch after batch by all sorts of opportunists... If the individual and sub-group members are treated as “cog wheels” and “screws” on the revolutionary “machine” instead of as acting agents with relatively independent wills and thoughts as well as shared ones, this is mechanicalist monolithism....
Traditional Soviet-Brand Socialism...(1)-- A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies (IV 4:1-2)
By Sherwin Lu   2016-11-01
...the cause of socialism is an unprecedented one and its history not quite long yet. We should not make excessive demands on our predecessors by expecting them to be clear about all details of such a great project without making any errors. If the last century was one that witnessed the first-time world-scale practice of socialism, the present one would definitely see its resurrection and new development...
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