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Talk East & West
How China Is Building the Post-Western World
By PATRICK LAWRENCE   2017-08-31
Beijing’s Belt and Road project may be the largest single infrastructure program in human history.
Want to Live to Be 100? This Diet Can Help Prolong Your Life
By Evie Carrick   2017-08-15
New Challenge to U.S. Power: Chinese Exceptionalism (with video)
By Te-Ping Chen and Josh Chin   2017-08-14
Once-reticent citizens now see their country as ascendant—and America in decline
140 years ago, San Francisco was set ablaze during the city's deadliest race riots
By Katie Dowd   2017-07-25
A White Person Wrote ‘Why Anyone Can Be Chinese,’ And It’s A Checklist In Privilege
By Kimberly Yam   2017-07-23
Liu Xiaobo: the West’s Model Chinese
Immunotherapy: Unleashing the body to fight cancer
By Xinfajia   2017-07-18
"The discovery of a cell protein reveals a new way of harnessing the power of the immune system to fight cancer...." -- Comment by The New Legalist editor: Holistic balance or fragmentation and confrontation?)
The Western paradox
By Damon Linker   2017-07-12
"Whatever the critics may say, a West that treated the moral and political convictions of the past 70 years as the only elements of its inheritance worthy of preservation and defense would not be a civilization poised for greatness. On the contrary, it would be a civilization consumed by self-hatred and eager to hasten its own decline and dissolution." -- Well said, but this is deeply rooted in Christianity's total rejection of all other belief systems till recently, which the author is not aware of. -- The New Legalist editor
Chinese Province Larger Than Texas Just Ran For An Entire Week On Only Renewable Energy
By Dominique Mosbergen   2017-07-02
HK reunification ‘breaks shackles’ of UK’s hypocritical colonialism
By John Ross   2017-07-01
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