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Southeast Asian leaders throw weight behind China-led trade pact
By D-H CHEN, T. PROMYAMYAI   2019-07-01
Spotlight: Jimmy Carter receives award for role in China-US relations
By Xinhuanet.com   2019-06-25
The speakers noted that the statesmanship the two former presidents demonstrated in developing the U.S.-China relationship should be an example for modern-day leaders, as some in Washington are trying to pit the two countries against each other. / "President Bush categorically rejected the notion that China is an enemy or adversary of our nation. On the contrary, he laid out a powerful vision of U.S.-China full partnership and friendship," said David Firestein, president and CEO of the BCF, in his remarks.
China invests much more domestically than abroad
By Janus Dongye Qimeng   2019-06-02
... most of the above projects are led by Chinese state enterprises. They lose money for doing this. But they bring huge social benefits to the general people. This is called “socialism with Chinese characteristics” and it is working. That’s why the West such as the USA and Europe could not achieve nor even consider doing it.
Laozi Went Out Of Hangu Pass: A story of the origin of Daoist culture (Movie)
By Xinfajia   2019-03-05
About how Dao De Jing (Laozi) came to be -- an award winner at The World's Nations film festival
Seasons of China trailer: how the 24 solar terms are marked across China
By Telegraph Reporters   2019-02-13
Mindfulness could help to stave off dementia, research suggests
By Laura Donnelly ,The Telegraph   2018-05-13
Wooden Philippine boats to retrace historic China voyage
By AFP   2018-05-08
10 Reasons Why Ancient Greece And Rome Were Complete Dystopias
By Marin Danna Grant   2018-05-02
Why Can't Everyone Do the 'Asian Squat'? All the way down! Not on your toes!
By SARAH ZHANG   2018-04-07
... America’s bowel problems can be blamed on toilet seats (the argument has to do with the anorectal angle) ...
BOOK RECOMMENDED: 1434 The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance
By Gavin Menzies   2018-04-06
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