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Talk East & West
140 years ago, San Francisco was set ablaze during the city's deadliest race riots
By Katie Dowd   2017-07-25
A White Person Wrote ‘Why Anyone Can Be Chinese,’ And It’s A Checklist In Privilege
By Kimberly Yam   2017-07-23
Liu Xiaobo: the West’s Model Chinese
Immunotherapy: Unleashing the body to fight cancer
By Xinfajia   2017-07-18
"The discovery of a cell protein reveals a new way of harnessing the power of the immune system to fight cancer...." -- Comment by The New Legalist editor: Holistic balance or fragmentation and confrontation?)
The Western paradox
By Damon Linker   2017-07-12
"Whatever the critics may say, a West that treated the moral and political convictions of the past 70 years as the only elements of its inheritance worthy of preservation and defense would not be a civilization poised for greatness. On the contrary, it would be a civilization consumed by self-hatred and eager to hasten its own decline and dissolution." -- Well said, but this is deeply rooted in Christianity's total rejection of all other belief systems till recently, which the author is not aware of. -- The New Legalist editor
Chinese Province Larger Than Texas Just Ran For An Entire Week On Only Renewable Energy
By Dominique Mosbergen   2017-07-02
HK reunification ‘breaks shackles’ of UK’s hypocritical colonialism
By John Ross   2017-07-01
Who's the Tech Copycat Now?
By Shira Ovide   2017-07-01
Chinese companies are setting global trends in technology products and business models.
Has Western-style democracy become too expensive for capitalism?
By Michael Power   2017-06-28
The global centre of gravity is moving from West to East, to the West’s disadvantage
West and East, Cultural Differences (video)
By Christian R. Bueno   2017-06-20
A documentary with interesting studies about Eastern and Western thought, not their opinions of a specific topic, but mental schemes, reasoning and learning.
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