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Classical Chinese Economics
Guanzi (《管子》) -- Non-Hegemonic Political Economy(12-15): On Employment, Welfare, Market Revolution & Value Theory
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2013-07-02
Guanzi touched all the major topics in political economy with extensive and profound analyses, some of which were already quite mature, advanced and sophisticated, such as its systematic theories on market economy and on macro-economic regulation and control of the market.
Guanzi (《管子》) -- Non-Hegemonic Political Economy(8-11): On Statism, Law, Finance, & Sustainability
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2013-06-01
Guan Zhong believed that a state-regulated market economy was the fundamental guarantee against business tycoons plundering common people and an important means of securing social stability and effective management of the state. He espoused and implemented the rule of GOOD law over the market and the state, stood for an income-expenditure balance,...
Guanzi (《管子》) -- Non-Hegemonic Political Economy (7): On Macro-Control -- Goods, Currency and Administrative Regulation
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2013-05-01
According to Guan Zhong, the primary way to regulate the market should be through government control of the currency and grain prices. The state could use policy commands, open market operations, and treasure “luxuries” to adjust the currency supply-demand relation.
Guanzi (《管子》) -- Earliest Masterpiece on Political Economy in Human History (6): Non-Hegemonic Theory On Government
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2013-04-01
Guan Zhong’s view on the function of government in regard with the market can be summarized in a nutshell: To use a modern metaphor, the government as the visible hand should protect the market as the invisible hand.
Guanzi (《管子》) -- Earliest Masterpiece on Political Economy in History (3 - 5): Non-Hegemonic Theory On Property Rights, Resources and Currency
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2013-03-03
Some scholars argue that only privately-owned properties can be clearly defined in property rights, but this argument did not match historical facts, because exchange of commodities started between clans and tribes in primitive societies which were based on public ownership ...
Guanzi (《管子》) -- Earliest Masterpiece on Political Economy in Human History (2): Non-Hegemonic Theory On Market Economy
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2013-01-01
Guan Zhong had a broader and more profound view of the market than modern Western economics, especially a sober awareness of the negative side of capital with implications for the government regarding market management.
Guanzi(《管子》): Earliest Masterpiece on Political Economy in Human History (I)
By Li Xuejun (李学俊)   2012-10-03 early as over two millennia ago, when China already had a mature market economy with a three thousand years long history of development, she had given birth to the earliest great political economist, Guan Zhong (管仲), and the earliest masterpiece on political economy, Guanzi...
The Regulation of Wants: Moral Control
By Chen Huan Chang   2010-01-31
This is an excerpt from the book "The Economic Principles of Confucius and his School" written by a Chinese scholar when attending Columbia University a century ago ...
Classical Chinese Economics, II: The Harmony-with-Nature Principle
By Yuzhong Zhai   2009-12-20
This is a re-posting. The article was first posted on this website on 2008-07-12. The significance of this re-posting is self-evident. -- The New Legalist editor
Classical Chinese Economics, IV: The Storage-by-the-State Principle
By Yuzhong Zhai   2008-07-12
Storage played its pivotal role basically in two aspects: the storage of basic products, and the issue of Commodity Reserve Currency (CRC)....No later than 2000 years ago, the Chinese civilization had already developed a complete mechanism for national economic accounting and government performance evaluation, i.e., the social and economic report system.
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