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Current Affairs Review
The Green Movement Is Led By The Same People Who Run Everything Else -- White Men
By Nick Visser   2017-05-27
Pope asks Trump to be peacemaker, gives him environmental letter
By Philip Pullella, Steve Holland   2017-05-26
Bernie Sanders Says Trump Budget Exposes President As Fake Populist
By Daniel Marans   2017-05-24
Donald Trump's Budget Betrays His Pledge Not To Cut Social Security
By Arthur Delaney   2017-05-24
Best of TomDispatch: Graduation Day With Howard Zinn
By Howard Zinn   2017-05-23
Trump to take more measured tone on Islam in major speech today
The New Legalist editor: While terrorists are fighting their foes by sacrificing innocent lives, that is committing evil crimes, the US-led Nato's evil policies of aggression against the interests of 99% of world's peoples in seeking interests for the 1% monopoly capitalists inspite of their deceptive rhetoric about “liberty”, “democracy”, “human rights”, etc., have created the social conditions for the development of terrorist ideology. Fighting evil with evil is no solution to the problems confronting mankind today.
Trump’s First Hundred Days of War Crimes
By CHARLES PIERSON   2017-05-21
The New Legalist editor: Wars are a continuation of politics. So long as monopoly capitalists' oligarchic politics is not challenged, and the truth is not told about how monopoly capital has developed from free capital and come to usurp political power through big money-swayed "democracy", wars and loss of innocent lives will go on forever and be hypocritically glorified as in defense of "liberty","democracy", "human rights", and so on. (The truth:
Trump in Comey’s China Shop
By ROB HAGER   2017-05-18
Trump is the wrong kind of businessperson to be president
By Rick Newman   2017-05-18
The Great Acceleration and Obliteration
By Robert Hunziker   2017-05-17
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