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Four Years After Declaring War on Pollution, China Is Winning
By Michael Greenstone   2018-08-22
Research gives estimates on the longer lives that are now possible in the country.
Beijing Notes Signs of US Decline Behind Bloated New Pentagon Budget
By Elliott Gabriel   2018-08-21
The emerging multipolar global arrangement has convinced observers that the United States is undeniably confronting an inevitable decline in its status as the world’s foremost hegemonic power.
The Myths About China's Economic Slowdown
By Yuwa Hedrick-Wong   2018-08-21
How the U.S. Helped Prevent North Korea and South Korea From Reaching Real Peace in the 1950s
By MICHAEL PEMBROKE   2018-08-20
The NRA and the Gun Industry in the Global Stratosphere
By William D. Hartung   2018-08-19
New study on the collapse of Mayan civilization should be climate wake-up call
By JOE ROMM   2018-08-18
Under Trump's policies, the megadrought that devastated the Mayans will become the new normal.
The United States Must Be Realistic on Taiwan
By Lyle J. Goldstein   2018-08-17
Chip labour: Robots replace waiters in China restaurant
By Albee ZHANG   2018-08-16
With The New Legalist editor’s note
The Dangerous Myth The U.S. Is Winning The Trade War With China
By Harry G. Broadman   2018-08-15
With The New Legalist editor's comment
Imperialists’ Fear and Loathing. . . of being Colonized
By James Petras   2018-08-14
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