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Tomgram: Juan Cole, How Muslims Became the Enemy
By Juan Cole   2018-10-19
Hating Muslims in the Age of Trump -- The New Islamophobia Looks Like the Old McCarthyism
The rich-poor gap is getting worse under Trump
By Rick Newman   2018-10-18
Marijuana Is Way More Dangerous to Teens than Alcohol, According to Study
By Raz Robinson   2018-10-17
All the Good News (Ignored by the Trump-Obsessed Media)
By Gary Leupp   2018-10-16
A Playbook for Taming Donald Trump
By STEPHEN M. WALT   2018-10-15
Four strategies that other countries can use to deal with a suddenly unpredictable superpower.
End of Hegemony: UN Must Reflect Changing World Order
By RAMZY BAROUD   2018-10-14
America Is on the Road to Becoming a Fascist State
By Robert Scheer   2018-10-13
Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley reflects on Trump's ultranationalism and the eerie parallels between the U.S. and pre-war Germany.
The Real Hero
By Xinfajia   2018-10-12
BOOK REVIEW: What Comes Next BY Guy Lane
By ROBERT HUNZIKER   2018-10-12
Few people really, truly understand climate change/global warming because of scientific gobbledygook that confuses, ... What Comes Next (www.guylane.com/whatcomesnext) is packed full of great explanations that are simple and friendly to use and easily understood. It’s a fun book to read ...
Noam Chomsky: Will Organized Human Life Survive? (Vedio & text)
By Noam Chomsky   2018-10-11
Noam Chomsky’s lecture at St. Olaf College on 4 May 2018. A detailed but depressing summary of where Professor Chomsky thinks we are with respect to the threat of nuclear war and the collapse of the environment. Transcribed by Felton Davis, c/o Catholic Worker
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