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7 Reasons Stock Buybacks Should Be Illegal
By Will Ashworth   2019-02-21
Did you know that stock buybacks were illegal until 1982? It’s true. The SEC, operating under the Reagan Republicans, passed rule 10b-18, which made stock buybacks legal. Up until the passing of this rule, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 considered large-scale share repurchases a form of stock manipulation.
Ocasio-Cortez Slams The 'Racial Injustice' Of The Cannabis Business As White Men Profit
By Mary Papenfuss   2019-02-20
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There is "no way the US can crush" Huawei, says boss (news video)
By Ren Zhengfei   2019-02-19
Ren Zhengfei described the arrest of his daughter Meng Wanzhou, the company's chief financial officer, as politically motivated.
Break Free From The Corporate Prison (Video)
By Caitlin Johnstone   2019-02-19
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Adam Smith's hidden hand of empathy
By Ned Temko   2019-02-18
he "socialist" label has reentered US politics – and it tends to evoke radicalism. But across Western democracies, including the US, the debate around it is becoming decidedly more nuanced.
By Ryan Grim   2019-02-17
After Trump's National Emergency Declaration, Legal Scholar Says, Initiate Impeachment 'Immediately'
By Julia Conley   2019-02-16
"All you need is one brave member of the U.S. House of Representatives to meaningfully assert that body's Power of the Purse." / "... the actual emergencies the U.S. is facing: the family separation crisis created by Trump, the potentially catastrophic outcome if we don't deal with climate change, the opioid crisis, and the epidemic of mass shootings."
The Deep Hurt: Lessons From American Coups
By MICHAEL WELTON   2019-02-16
We’ve seen the west’s approach to Venezuela before – in Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, need I go on?
By Robert Fisk   2019-02-15
Instead of pleading with those who will not support him, the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela might want to take a closer look at who his foreign friends are
The Deep Hurt: Lessons From American Coups
By MICHAEL WELTON   2019-02-14
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