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Restore Chinese Culture of the Axis Age
By Zhai Yuzhong (翟玉忠)   2019-01-01
This is part of the 2018-2019 yearly work report by the general editor of this website (Chinese and English sections), further explaining our mission. In this 21st century, mankind faces unprecedented crises and challenges.... Hijacked by trends of thought ranging from atomism to democratic politics to hedonism, modern civilization seems to have dried up the rich ideological resources of the Greeks of the Axis Age.... We should not return to ancient Greece and Rome like the Renaissance, nor to the Chinese neo-Ru scholasticism [2] of Song and Ming dynasties or ... In the past fifteen years, we have sorted out the academic system of the Chinese civilization, focused on “internal sanctification externalized into kingly (non-hegemonic) statecraft” (内圣外王) and ...
Ex-Trump lawyer: rigging polls 'was at the direction of' Trump
By Reuters   2019-01-18
Shame on you, "President" THIEF, who has stolen the United States of America!!! Leave your stolen position IMMEDIATELY!!! -- The New Legalist editor
The Silver Bullet to Stop the Corporate State Pillage
By Lee Camp   2019-01-17
RELATED: Dr. Richard Wolff gave a crash course on what every responsible citizen should know about capitalism (video)
President Trump’s Losing Strategy: Embracing Brazil And Confronting China
By James Petras   2019-01-16
This ‘Four Generation’ Challenge From China Is The Most Heartwarming Meme Of 2019 Thus Far
By   2019-01-15
In the final analysis, this is a challenge against the mainstream Western thought tradition of atomistic individualism as reflected in the capitalistic economic, political and cultural system. With philosophical and ethical individualism underlining Western social system and life, everything is fragmented: from academic thinking to systemic institutions to family life. Child life in the family is the earliest and most fundamental stage for every one's moral education, where a sense of interdependence between all human beings, which is the emotive basis for feelings of empathy and benevolence, can be most directly witnessed, felt and cultivated. The disintegration of the family institution which has originated in the capitalist Western world and is being globalized with the globalization of capital, is finally resulting in the threatening disintegration of the whole human civilization. Hence the significance of this ‘Four Generation’ Challenge From China. -- The New Legalist editor
Tomgram: Nick Turse, One Down, Who Knows How Many to Go?
By Nick Turse   2019-01-15
War Whores(and video)
By Paul Edwards   2019-01-14
Bordering on Fascism: Scholars Reflect on Dangerous Times
By PAUL STREET   2019-01-13
Astronaut: What China's moon landing means for US
By Leroy Chiao   2019-01-12
Related:Video shows Chinese space probe's successful touchdown on moon


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This ‘Four Generation’ Challenge From China Is The Most Heartwarming Meme Of 2019 Thus Far
Wildfire destroys thousands of buildings in California town
Equality in Political discourse vs. Inequality in Economic Relations (3-4): False dichotomies between false concepts
The Real Hero
The Fakest Fake News: The U.S. Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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