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Socialistic Policies of Ancient China [5]: Government Control of Grain (1): Price Equalization
By Xinfajia   2018-09-01
As a food supply has been necessary for human life through all ages, and China has been an agricultural country for thousand of years, the grain problem has been one of the greatest problems in its economic history. The policy of equalizing the price of grain is of chief importance, because it affects the interest of the whole society. For instance, Li K'o, minister of Wei, adopted a policy which benefited both society as a whole and the agricultural class. His main idea was for the welfare of the people only, and not for the finances of the state, but the result was that he not only made the people rich, but also made the state strong. This same principle was also supported by Mencius. And it was adopted into the historically famous system of "Constantly Normal Granary", a regulatory system for maintaining the balance of the market ...
'End the trade war' is what U.S. farmers are hoping for
By Adriana Belmonte   2018-09-21
Also see RELATED: "New US Trade Sanctions Against China" by Peter Koenig and Press TV
American Fascism
By ROB URIE   2018-09-21
Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Celebrity Salesman for the Military-Industrial-Complex
By T.J. COLES   2018-09-20
From CO2 to Methane, Trump’s Hurricane of Destruction
By JOSHUA FRANK   2018-09-18
Al Gore rouses SF crowd: 'We are treating the skies as an open sewer for carbon pollution'
By Amy Graff, SFGATE   2018-09-17
Big Money in Politics: Are Leading Democrats Really on the Wagon (or Still Sneaking a Drink)?
By STEVE EARLY   2018-09-17
Thanks to Obama Bailouts and Trump Tax Cuts, Five Largest US Banks Have Raked in $583 Billion Since 2008 Crash
By Jake Johnson   2018-09-16
"With no jail time for executives and half a trillion in post-crisis profits, the big banks have made out like bandits during the post-crash period."
Amazon and Apple: Wall Street’s Trillion Dollar Babies
By Dean Baker   2018-09-15

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