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Socialistic Policies of Ancient China [4]: Government Control of Demand and Supply (1): General Principles and Practitioners
By Xinfajia   2018-07-01
I. General Principles: The government should level prices by the adjustment of demand and supply to guarantee the cost of the producer and satisfy the wants of the consumer, with the chief aim to destroy all monopoly so that both non-monopoly producers and consumers are protected. II. Sang Hung-yang. III. Wang Mang -- Both Sang and Wang and some others (in next installment) were practioners of the above principle.
Amazon workers strike in Germany, joining action in Spain and Poland
By Thomson Reuters   2018-07-18
How Pope Francis Is Changing the Catholic Church
By Jason Horowitz   2018-07-17
Nebraskan Woman Is Weaving Hundreds Of Mats From Plastic Bags For The Homeless
By Amanda Froelich Read More: ht   2018-07-16
Three Climatic Monsters with Asteroid Impact
By ROBERT HUNZIKER   2018-07-15
USA - The Failed State
By Chris Hedges   2018-07-14
The two political parties are one party—the corporate party. They do not debate substantive issues. They each support the expansion of imperial wars, the bloated military budget, the dictates of global capitalism, the bailing out of Wall Street, punishing austerity measures, assaulting basic civil liberties through wholesale government surveillance and the abolition of due process, and an electoral process that has cemented into place a system of legalized bribery. They battle over cultural tropes such as abortion, gay rights and prayer in schools. We elect politicians based on how we are made to feel about them by the public relations industry. Politics is anti-politics.
Silicon Valley firms are facing a rise in anger from a new source: Their own employees
By Matt Lavietes   2018-07-13
Technology workers have lashed out at contracts their firms have won from both the military and law enforcement for drone AI and facial recognition software, as well as work for government agencies, like ICE.... There is no free speech in the private workplace. At-will employment gives companies the power to fire employees for virtually any reason aside from discrimination.
An icon of Scandinavian social democracy faces drubbing
By Amanda Billne,Rafaela Lindeber   2018-07-12
The New Legalist editor: As part of the Western capitalist world, not surprisingly, Sweden cannot escape from bearing the consequences of its allies' imperialist policies of war and domination....
America Celebrates Lateral Transition From Monarchy To Corporatist Oligarchy
By Caitlin Johnstone   2018-07-11

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