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Neither “One Divides into Two” Nor “Two Fuse into One”: 2nd reply to Mr. Lang Yan
By Sherwin Lu   2009-11-29
“One divides into two” without a dynamic balance means life and death confrontation, which in turn means one extinguishing the other. Either the principle of “one divides into two” holds but then there will be no “end of all classes” or of other catastrophic divisions and confrontations; or this prospect shall be realized but that would mean “one divides into two” does not hold as the all-embracing philosophical generalization of the way of the world. One or the other. An either/or dilemma. The only way out is ...
Two kinds of Legislation Principle and a Mixed System
By Pan Wei   2009-10-10
“Good Laws” vs. “Bad Laws”
By Pan Wei   2009-10-10
Rule of Law or Democracy: the Issue for China Today
By Pan Wei   2009-10-10
By Pan Wei   2009-10-10
This article discusses the rule of law and democracy, the two major aspects of modern political life, against the different historical backgrounds of the developed and developing countries, and then proposes a model mixing the two aspects in a proportion the author thinks best for China, laying emphasis on the rule of law.
Bring Social Science Back onto the Daoist Path, Part I (1): Eastern vs. Western Worldview
By Sherwin Lu   2009-04-25
Monopole-reductionism means to reduce the dynamically balanced two-pole (Yin vs. Yang) relationship in anything to centering on either one single pole without considering its dynamic relationship with the other pole in viewing things.
A Theory of Credit Human Rights
By Zhao, Tingyang   2009-04-03
Human rights should be granted unconditionally and equally to everyone in terms of credit or "loan", but one will keep his rights only on condition that he would carry out his corresponding obligations as a return for his granted rights.
A Political Philosophy of World in terms of All-under-heaven (Tian-xia, 天下)
By ZHAO, Tingyang   2009-03-18
Our globe has not yet become a world of oneness, but remains the chaos of a Hobbesian situation, for there is no real coherent world society under a universally accepted political institution of a system of the world. The world will not be made unless organized and controlled by a world institution established on a new world-view, a new political philosophy for the world. It is here that the Chinese All-under-heaven philosophy comes in.
How Confucianism Departed From the Dao of Dynamic Balance
By Sherwin Lu   2009-03-07
Confucianism as a system of thought is not that “superior” on the whole as lauded by rulers of past dynasties. Since what is beyond the physical world is left undiscussed, it has failed to reach and grasp the all-encompassing general law in the universe, that is, the supreme way of Heaven and Earth as revealed by Daoists. Hence, even though their motives might be genuine and well-meant and some of their ideas are valuable and worth inheriting and carrying forward...
Chinese Traditional Medicine: Methodological Problems and New Perspectives
By Giulia Boschi   2008-07-06
The new approach to the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on two main issues: a further definition of the subject matter and the research methodological aspect. Since the choice of the most suitable method depends on what is meant to be included in the field of TCM, the two issues are obviously interconnected.
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