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A Theory of Credit Human Rights
By Zhao, Tingyang   2009-04-03
Human rights should be granted unconditionally and equally to everyone in terms of credit or "loan", but one will keep his rights only on condition that he would carry out his corresponding obligations as a return for his granted rights.
A Political Philosophy of World in terms of All-under-heaven (Tian-xia, 天下)
By ZHAO, Tingyang   2009-03-18
Our globe has not yet become a world of oneness, but remains the chaos of a Hobbesian situation, for there is no real coherent world society under a universally accepted political institution of a system of the world. The world will not be made unless organized and controlled by a world institution established on a new world-view, a new political philosophy for the world. It is here that the Chinese All-under-heaven philosophy comes in.
How Confucianism Departed From the Dao of Dynamic Balance
By Sherwin Lu   2009-03-07
Confucianism as a system of thought is not that “superior” on the whole as lauded by rulers of past dynasties. Since what is beyond the physical world is left undiscussed, it has failed to reach and grasp the all-encompassing general law in the universe, that is, the supreme way of Heaven and Earth as revealed by Daoists. Hence, even though their motives might be genuine and well-meant and some of their ideas are valuable and worth inheriting and carrying forward...
Chinese Traditional Medicine: Methodological Problems and New Perspectives
By Giulia Boschi   2008-07-06
The new approach to the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on two main issues: a further definition of the subject matter and the research methodological aspect. Since the choice of the most suitable method depends on what is meant to be included in the field of TCM, the two issues are obviously interconnected.
Rule of Law in the Heaven-Earth-Human Dynamic Whole
By Sherwin Lu   2008-06-23
THE issue of the rule of law vs. the rule of virtue has been haunting the Chinese mind for thousands of years and is again becoming a focus of attention in the politics of China today. It also has topical significance to the present-day world with different cultures encountering each other at close quarters on a global scale and in historically unprecedented intensity....the relation between the Tao, Law, and Virtue can be understood correctly only when they are viewed as corresponding to the three primary levels of existence in the human eye, or “Three Cai” (三才: 天、地、人) in traditional Chinese terms.
The Globalization You Do Not Know About
By Yuzhong Zhai;Translated from Chinese by SOL Tung   2008-02-12
This article points out the compartmentalized nature of the current world order, i.e., that labor is still bound inside each nation state and the basic human right of freedom of movement is still denied to the majority of the world’s population by the political authorities representing international financial interests. It convincingly argues that a true globalization, one of equality and justice, means ...
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