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Unity of Science and Religion
By Yuzhong Zhai   2010-12-12
What is described as the Dao or God or the Supreme Being in any names by contemplatives in all cultures and what is recognized as the ultimate reality of the cosmos by modern physics are actually the same thing. A major trend in the development of 20th century physical science is its progressing departure from 19th century materialism in natural science....
2011: Doomsday, or Dawn of Hope
By Li Cai (蔡历)   2010-11-14
The world’s hope for economic recovery is currently placed mainly on monetary stimulus, the emerging markets, and new energy industry. But, if we dig deeper into the root cause of all these problems, we will find that all of them point to the global domination by the capitalist civilization and its way of life. Our immediate future will be an age of turmoil with continuous crises, leading to a civilization crisis, which will threaten the survival of the human species and will not possibly be resolved by capitalism itself...
A General Crisis of Capitalism will Soon Break Out
By Li Cai (蔡历)   2010-08-09
The U.S. subprime crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis, China’s domestic demand deficiency, and carbon emissions reduction are the four issues that have been focusing global attention in the recent past. What do these issues signify? How will they develop? Where will they bring us to?
The World Today is Calling for Global Economics
By Li Cai (蔡历)   2010-05-08
The inadequacies of economics: Lack of a global perspective; Indulgence in material pursuits only; Taking for granted that resources are inexhausible; and that Nature is forever tolerant. Many of the global problems are products of economics’ way of thinking. The cult of economics has become the new shackle impeding human progress.
Foreword to The New Legalist (Series), Vol. 1
By Xinfajia   2010-04-23
The Way towards Future: Chinese & Western social evolution patterns compared
By Sherwin Lu   2010-04-11
There are currently two kinds of tendencies that should be guarded against. One is, in the name of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, to reject constitutional democracy. The other is to exactly copy the Western pattern of democracy in an attempt to destroy socialism and restore capitalism completely through a political process dominated by big capital. Only socialism with constitutional democracy, or democracy of a socialist nature, can save China and the world.
Not Nationalism, but All-under-Heaven-ism: 3rd reply to Mr. Lang Yan
By Sherwin Lu   2010-02-16
We have been serious about this debate because of two reasons: First, we New Legalists do “share the same goal” with Mr. Lang Yan, that is, to end the exploitation by capital”. Secondly, our difference in strategy shows the ideological confusion in the ranks of the present-day world’s anti-capitalism forces. So, hopefully, this debate, or rather discussion, will help find out the right one.
Bring Social Science Back onto the Daoist Path, Part II: Culture Theory (continued)
By Sherwin Lu   2010-01-17
...through free communication between different civilizations, i.e., without interference from any hegemonic power or state terrorism, through mutual assimilation of each other’s historical experiences between different cultures, and through mutual application of what is good in all thought systems to future practice, the various branches of human culture will sooner or later come closer to each other towards a great harmony.
Bring Social Science Back onto the Daoist Path, Part II: Culture Theory
By Sherwin Lu   2010-01-17
In light of the dynamic-balance worldview, human culture shows itself both as diverse and converging at the same time....Even if the majority of a population cherish the spirit of universal love and compassion while this spirit is not at the same time embodied in the social structure defining macro economic-political relations, the society on the whole is still not a benevolent one.
Farmers, Mao, and Discontent in China: From the Great Leap Forward to the Present
By Dongping Han   2009-12-27
How is it possible to explain the high esteem in which Mao — long after his death — is held among many Chinese people, despite the official and semi-official onslaught on his legacy and image?7 Chinese elites and Mao’s enemies have produced numerous publications to discredit Mao. But if the sufferings and brutalities allegedly imposed on the Chinese farmers by Mao’s government were true, the farmers would have known them, first hand. Why do so many farmers still hang Mao’s picture in their houses, and hold his memories dear, and, in some places, build temples to worship him?
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