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Centralism Yes, Autocracy No
By Qiyuan Lu (卢麒元)   2011-07-10
Centralism and autocracy are two different concepts: Centralism refers to an administrative system in which the decision making authority is invested in a central organization while autocracy means a political system governed by a single individual. Centralism is not necessarily autocratic; and autocracy is not necessarily centralized. The two are not invariably correlated.
Not Only Confucianism, But All Major Traditional Chinese Schools of Thought: Each Has its Worth
By Baocai Liu 刘宝才   2011-04-10
All traditional Chinese schools of thought are still relevant not only to today’s China but to the whole world as well. Therefore, it is necessary to study each of the schools, to develop the valuable and discard the valueless in each of them. This is the impartial approach that should be adopted. To single out Confucianism as representing traditional Chinese learning, as is the mainstream of today, is not the right approach.
Four Tiers of Human Thinking Patterns
By Yuzhong Zhai   2011-03-14
Since the beginning of human existence, there have been four tiers of thinking patterns: primitive thinking, dualistic thinking, Yin-Yang dialectic thinking, and direct perception of the Supreme Way, which is the highest wisdom...
The Historical Basis of China’s Tradition of National Unity
By Desheng Meng   2011-01-10
Based on an analysis of the natural environment (geography and climate) and human conditions (technology and ethnic relations) combined, the conclusion cannot be otherwise than that it was inevitable for ancient China to come towards unification... That is why China’s historical tradition of national unity has been firmly established and has stood the test of a long time.
Unity of Science and Religion
By Yuzhong Zhai   2010-12-12
What is described as the Dao or God or the Supreme Being in any names by contemplatives in all cultures and what is recognized as the ultimate reality of the cosmos by modern physics are actually the same thing. A major trend in the development of 20th century physical science is its progressing departure from 19th century materialism in natural science....
2011: Doomsday, or Dawn of Hope
By Li Cai (蔡历)   2010-11-14
The world’s hope for economic recovery is currently placed mainly on monetary stimulus, the emerging markets, and new energy industry. But, if we dig deeper into the root cause of all these problems, we will find that all of them point to the global domination by the capitalist civilization and its way of life. Our immediate future will be an age of turmoil with continuous crises, leading to a civilization crisis, which will threaten the survival of the human species and will not possibly be resolved by capitalism itself...
A General Crisis of Capitalism will Soon Break Out
By Li Cai (蔡历)   2010-08-09
The U.S. subprime crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis, China’s domestic demand deficiency, and carbon emissions reduction are the four issues that have been focusing global attention in the recent past. What do these issues signify? How will they develop? Where will they bring us to?
The World Today is Calling for Global Economics
By Li Cai (蔡历)   2010-05-08
The inadequacies of economics: Lack of a global perspective; Indulgence in material pursuits only; Taking for granted that resources are inexhausible; and that Nature is forever tolerant. Many of the global problems are products of economics’ way of thinking. The cult of economics has become the new shackle impeding human progress.
Foreword to The New Legalist (Series), Vol. 1
By Xinfajia   2010-04-23
The Way towards Future: Chinese & Western social evolution patterns compared
By Sherwin Lu   2010-04-11
There are currently two kinds of tendencies that should be guarded against. One is, in the name of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, to reject constitutional democracy. The other is to exactly copy the Western pattern of democracy in an attempt to destroy socialism and restore capitalism completely through a political process dominated by big capital. Only socialism with constitutional democracy, or democracy of a socialist nature, can save China and the world.
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