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Equality in Political discourse vs. Inequality in Economic Relations (5-6): Shop-Floor Democracy & Afterword
By Sherwin Lu   2012-11-05
Without workplace democracy as the foundation, social democracy is only like a castle in the air, or a mirage, or a political show, or, even worse, a camouflage used to cover up the reality, i.e. the development of a police state, the undemocratic imposition of an imperialist world order on all other countries politically, economically, ideologically and militarily.
Growing Beyond Growth for True Democracy
By J.A. Myerson   2012-07-30
When democracy is not determined by economic power, it is possible to imagine alternatives to “growth” and “austerity.”
Equality in Political Discourse vs. Inequality in Economic Relations (1-2): Unfree Exchange & Usurping of Public Property
By Sherwin Lu   2012-06-10
"Democratic institutions have often been mere ornaments in the social life of the advanced capitalist nations... The places where things really get done -- in such core institutions as families, armies, factories, and offices -- have been anything but democratic. Representative government, civil liberties... often obscuring and strengthening underlying forms of privilege and domination."
Return to Eastern Philosophy & Transcend Mind-Matter Divide -- The mind/matter issue in Eastern philosophical perspective(4)
By Sherwin Lu   2012-03-26
Establish a Historicist System of Principles for Assessing the Value of a Civilization
By Haohui Sun (孙皓晖)   2012-03-26
Why Not Western Democracy
By Shan Ze (山泽)   2012-03-26
-- On capitalist democracy (3) -- Essentially, there has been no democracy in the Western world that serves the interests of the lower classes... as in actuality their real masters have been a certain core financial oligarchic family together with a few dependent agent families and those elites in various social circles serving their interests.
Return to Eastern Philosophy: Negation of philosophical realism (实在论) -- The mind/matter issue in Eastern philosophical perspective (3)
By Sherwin Lu   2012-02-04
Philosophical realism has extended from ontology and epistemology to various fields in natural and social sciences: philosophical categories, theory of knowledge, methodology, theoretical physics, social ethics, political economy, medical science and self-health management.
Functioning Pattern of Capital’s Centralized Ruling Power -- On capitalist democracy (2)
By Shan Ze (山泽)   2012-01-10
The financial capital in a capitalist society, through their ownership structure, controls the monopolistic businesses of all industries and then, through the influence of these businesses, exerts its power over the whole society, with such swiftness and forcefulness as unsurpassed by government orders.
How Capitalist Democracy Came About in History -- On capitalist democracy (1)
By Shan Ze (山泽)   2011-10-10
Capitalist democracy essentially means allowing capitalists to manipulate the government. China and some other major civilizations have adopted the “power centralized in government” model that does not allow merchants to interfere in its affairs because merchants, or capitalists, can share equally with all other people the same political rights.
The Mind/Matter Issue in Eastern Philosophical Perspective (0): Introduction
By Sherwin Lu   2011-08-09
-- Major Idea, Table of Contents & Head Poem
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