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Democratic World Order in Three Major Levels: Grassroots Business Units – Nation-States – Global Commonwealth
By Sherwin Lu   2015-07-01
Under the conditions of capitalist democracy, with corporate and state power unchecked by labor democracy, it is inevitable that the most powerful capital forces would impose their undemocratic will on wherever their power can reach on the planet, i.e., on 99% of the world’s population, and try all tyrannical means and behind-the-scene schemes to suppress the 99% people’s democratic expression of opposition to exploitation and oppression by capital, especially by monopoly capital. Therefore, the palace of democracy should be a comprehensive and systematic complex structure。。。
Reality does not exist until it is measured: Experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness
By phys.org   2015-06-11
The bizarre nature of reality as laid out by quantum theory has survived another test, with scientists performing a famous experiment and proving that reality does not exist until it is measured.
True Nature of Multi-Dimensional Wholeness; “Yin-Yang Balance” vs. “Unity of Opposites”
By Sherwin Lu   2015-05-01
By “wholeness” is not meant being monolithic. Essentially it means a dynamic and comprehensive balance between all different parts on all different levels internally and externally... What is essentially meant by “balance” is that between Yin and Yang... The Dao of alternating rise and fall of Yin and Yang is also something different from the law of unity of opposites in materialist dialectics which originated in the West.
A Multi-Stage Election System: A tentative idea
By Sherwin Lu   2015-04-01
In the U.S. today, about half of the eligible voters would not bother to cast a vote, or rather they vote, by not voting, against the existing deceptive pattern of democracy, so that every elected president was supported by only about a quarter of all eligible voters, that is, an absolute minority of the whole population. Why is it, then,...
Democratic World Order in Three Major Levels: Grassroots Business Units – Nation-States – Global Commonwealth
By Sherwin Lu   2015-03-01
Is democracy a good thing? To answer the question, one should not talk in abstract terms but instead place it in an overall multi-dimensional context and see if the democracy that is advocated and actually practiced is good or bad.
Monopoly Capital – Non-Monopoly Small Capital – Laboring Masses: The three basic levels of global capitalist production relations
By Sherwin Lu   2015-02-01
At the present stage of human history,the major contradiction in the global society is that between international monopoly capital, especially the hegemonic forces of monopoly financial capital, together with their comprador and bureaucratic agents in all individual countries on the one side and all the laboring peoples of the world and all native small- and medium-sized non-monopoly capital in all those countries on the other... such a generalization... can better help to grasp the whole situation of a specific nation-state and of the world in general, and better help guard against, avoid and resist ...
From Mono- to Multi-Dimensional Vision: Is capitalist productivity really “advanced”?
By Sherwin Lu   2014-12-01
...traditional socialist theory, due to its lack of dimenisons, and limited scope of vision under the influence of the mainstream anthropocentrist and Eurocentrist perspectives, failed to clearly indicate how great a part of the productive forces in the positive and constructive sense has been destroyed by the capitalist system domestically and globally and how great a part of the “productive forces” which has been supposedly possessed by the capitalist countries has actually been counterproductive forces in being used for aggressive and predatory purposes resulting in the destruction of real productive forces domestically and globally.
Macro-Social, Micro-Social, Individual: The three key levels of a human society
By Sherwin Lu   2014-11-09
“Heavely principle” or “moral justice” refers to none other than a dynamically balanced relationship between all the differentiated interests of these levels... it is wrong either to deny the basic desire and interest of any individual humans or to place the interests of individuals and local groups above the common interests of a higher level, including the topmost level of ecological balance... it would be more natural to propose to “follow human inclination and restrain human desire” (“因人情、节人欲”) as Daolist-Legalists do.
Human Society: Multi-Level and Multi-Dimensional Network of Social Groupings
By Sherwin Lu   2014-10-01
Both atomism and monolithism, seemingly opposite to each other, have a same blind spot,... This outlook is distinguished both from individual-oriented atomism and from either the dualistic kind of communitarianism that pits the individual against the group or the monolithic kind that totally dissolves all individuality in the collective.
Multi-Stage Structure of Human Consciousness and Multi-Level Social Reality as Perceived
By Sherwin Lu   2014-08-30
Both human society and the human-perceived world, the former being an extremely tiny part of the latter, are dynamically- and comprehensively-balanced multi-dimensional wholes, which fact corresponds to the structure of human consciousness as a dynamically-balanced multi-aspect whole.
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