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From Mono- to Multi-Dimensional Vision: Is capitalist productivity really “advanced”?
By Sherwin Lu   2014-12-01
...traditional socialist theory, due to its lack of dimenisons, and limited scope of vision under the influence of the mainstream anthropocentrist and Eurocentrist perspectives, failed to clearly indicate how great a part of the productive forces in the positive and constructive sense has been destroyed by the capitalist system domestically and globally and how great a part of the “productive forces” which has been supposedly possessed by the capitalist countries has actually been counterproductive forces in being used for aggressive and predatory purposes resulting in the destruction of real productive forces domestically and globally.
Macro-Social, Micro-Social, Individual: The three key levels of a human society
By Sherwin Lu   2014-11-09
“Heavely principle” or “moral justice” refers to none other than a dynamically balanced relationship between all the differentiated interests of these levels... it is wrong either to deny the basic desire and interest of any individual humans or to place the interests of individuals and local groups above the common interests of a higher level, including the topmost level of ecological balance... it would be more natural to propose to “follow human inclination and restrain human desire” (“因人情、节人欲”) as Daolist-Legalists do.
Human Society: Multi-Level and Multi-Dimensional Network of Social Groupings
By Sherwin Lu   2014-10-01
Both atomism and monolithism, seemingly opposite to each other, have a same blind spot,... This outlook is distinguished both from individual-oriented atomism and from either the dualistic kind of communitarianism that pits the individual against the group or the monolithic kind that totally dissolves all individuality in the collective.
Multi-Stage Structure of Human Consciousness and Multi-Level Social Reality as Perceived
By Sherwin Lu   2014-08-30
Both human society and the human-perceived world, the former being an extremely tiny part of the latter, are dynamically- and comprehensively-balanced multi-dimensional wholes, which fact corresponds to the structure of human consciousness as a dynamically-balanced multi-aspect whole.
Mutual complementarity through contests: Where is the Mankind Heading for, III-2(1)
By Sherwin Lu   2014-08-01
The author believes that none of the thought traditions that have lasted for ages or can spread far and wide over the globe in contemporary times… can be without a single good point... The reason why we are now focusing our criticism on Western mainstream ideology is because its world domination with the backing of globally strongest military power is playing the wicked role in serving the interests of international monopoly capital, the very root cause of all present-day crises threatening the survival of the human race.
Where is the Mankind Heading for: Contests and realignments between ideologies in the new century: Introduction
By Sherwin Lu   2014-07-01
With the breakout of the general crisis of the Western capitalist globalized system... more and more people are turning their eyes once again to the East with the hope of finding inspiration and wisdom from traditional Chinese thought for an effective prescription that will help cure the contemporary human malady.
Be Vigilant against Science: Late Lessons from Early Warnings (a book review)
By Tian Song (田松)   2014-01-01
This is a shocking and alarming book with cool-minded and detailed presentations of the harmful effects of many a chemical product, such as ... they have penetrated deep into our daily life in an all-round way and become ubiquitous, without which our modernized way of life of the present moment is totally impossible.
Where is the Mankind Heading for: Contests and realignments between ideologies in the new century (A new book: List of content)
By Sherwin Lu   2013-11-01
It is a systemized collection of part of the author’s web articles in Chinese on philosophy and social science. Here is the list of content with references for most sub-headings to those already translated and posted articles (or passages), from which the reader can get some idea of the author’s system of thought.
News Report from The New Legalist: Books published on Legalism
By Xinfajia   2013-09-23
Commercial Civilization: Footstone of Human Progress (An interview)
By Zhai Yuzhong (翟玉忠)   2013-08-01
Commercial civilization is the foot-stone of human progress, and it has been built up by the efforts and sacrifices of all working people, including those who contribute labor in the broadest sense (manual, mental, productive, technical, managing, and product and enterprise developing, etc.) as well as who contribute labor-originated capital. But。。。
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