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Traditional Socialism(3): Unidimensional Political Economy & Dualistic “Democratic Centralism”
By Sherwin Lu   2017-01-01
Marxist political economy, by revealing that capital, with its domination over labor, has usurped the whole surplus value from social production, has successfully provided in economic terms the theoretical rationale for the final elimination of the exploitation system rooted in private ownership of means of production... However, there are deficiencies in this theory due to lack of dimensions in the way of thinking... ...Just as the philosophy of dialectical materialism is dualistic in failing to unify mind and matter into a transcendental oneness, the traditional socialist principle of “democratic centralism” as an application of that philosophy, phrased as “centralism based on democracy and democracy guided by centralism [the center]” is also dualistic in evading the fundamental question: Which of the two, “democracy” or “centralism”, or something even more essential, should have the ultimate authority?
Scientists say your “mind” isn’t confined to your brain, or even your body
By Olivia Goldhill   2016-12-25
The New Legalist editor: This is an important contribution to mankind's effort to depart from the Western traditional (including Marx's "dialectical materialist") mind-vs.-matter dualist philodophical view of all existence.
Traditional Socialism(2): Confrontational,Unidimensional, Monolithic
By Sherwin Lu   2016-12-01
Ultimately-confrontational thinking is the application of the dualistic law of “unity of opposites” to the way of thought.... The confrontational thinking that runs though traditional class–struggle theory and practice without an awareness of the need for an upper-level-balance has led to results unfavorable to the proletariat.... This absolutization fails to see that capital may also originate in labor (i.e., savings from wage/salary income), that... that... and that... What were more damaging were those from-time-to-time nation-wide campaigns aiming at resolving ideological “deviations” by political or even paramilitary means (such as manhandling). Consequently, dedicated socialists were replaced batch after batch by all sorts of opportunists... If the individual and sub-group members are treated as “cog wheels” and “screws” on the revolutionary “machine” instead of as acting agents with relatively independent wills and thoughts as well as shared ones, this is mechanicalist monolithism....
Egocentrism in immature faiths -- A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies (III-3)
By Sherwin Lu   2016-08-01
Of all faiths, Eastern and Western, of the past and the present, those that hinge on the “self” in all its variations and extensions as the ultimate origin of all existence but actually leave unexplained, or unconvincingly explained, the defining internal relationship (between the perceiver and perceived) of the phenomenal world, thus falling short of reaching up to the ultimately unified “one” reality behind it, are not ultimate faiths, at least not mature ones.
Motivations to Work: Socialism vs. Capitalism
By Li Jianhong(李建宏)   2016-07-01
Capitalism plays upon such lowest-level human instincts and desires as concerns over livelihood, greediness, and selfishness.… A socialist system attempts to motivate people to work hard toward building a more just and fair human society by cultivating a sense of achievement, morality, responsibility, honor, vocation and vision, the highest-level desires and instincts in a human being.... What a significant contrast between working under capitalism as a wage slave and working under socialism as a master of the enterprise!
Faith vs. Rationality: A Critique of Rationalism in Ideologies (0): Abstract & Outline
By Sherwin Lu   2016-02-01
Faith and rationality are often regarded as mutually antagonistic and exclusive. As a matter of fact, however, ...
“Where is the Mankind Heading for”: Author’s Preface
By Sherwin Lu   2016-01-04
…China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) prompted his search for truth about social justice…. On coming to the U.S. in 1986, the author did not pursue the “American dream” for personal prosperity but… An attempt to get out of the hardship of life led him to a study of Buddhist scriptures in 1996, which suddenly opened his eyes…. After more years of contemplation of Buddhist and Daoist philosophies, he came to realize… While the book was written in answer to day-to-day social issues raised by the public, there is underlying them one unified and consistent philosophical view of the world, the society and history…
An Updated Exposition of an Old Social Philosophy: Self-Appraisal of the Book “Where is Mankind Heading For”
By Sherwin Lu   2015-12-13
The ontological “root” and the epistemological “stem” unfolded in the book branch out with flowers finally blossoming out into rich “fruits” in the form of social theories, which would rectify, either partially or totally, presently prevailing liberalist or Marxist or traditional Chinese convictions.
Encounter of Civilizations in Cycle of Alternate Yin and Yang
By Sherwin Lu   2015-11-03
the human cultural system is a huge complex one with mutually interpenetrated, mutually generating and constraining multiple levels and branches. And people’s way of thinking, as an important mark of a specific spiritual culture, fundamentally speaking, can be generalized into two basic types: either organic holism or mechanicalism. The former promotes Yin-Yang balance in individual humans’ state of mind and behavior and in social order, while the latter triggers imbalance...
Balance-Seeking Approach and “Inward Sageness and External Kingliness” (内圣外王)
By Sherwin Lu   2015-10-02
To put in a nutshell, “inward sageness” means, at its core, self-cultivation of virtue with freedom from excessive desire and readiness to follow the Way of Heaven, while “external kingliness”, to govern and benefit the people in line with the Heavenly Dao. And running through both is the balance-seeking approach, that is, to try one’s best to maintain a multidimensional Yin-Yang balance of the society as a whole with a view to the realization of world harmony.
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