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Huang-Lao, Not Confucianism, is the Mainstay of Chinese Culture
By Yuzhong Zhai   2010-06-11
Confucianism, that treated other schools of thought as heresies, cannot represent Chinese culture; only the Huang-Lao thought system, that has assimilated thoughts from the many different schools, constitutes the mainstay of Chinese culture.
Dichotomies OK, Dualism No: In reply to Mr. Lang Yan
By Yuzhong Zhai, Sherwin Lu   2009-11-04
Philosophically, the Chinese Yin-Yang concept is rooted in a monistic and holistic worldview, while modern Western dialectics has developed as part of a dualistic world outlook... Western achievements in theoretical physics has paved the way for the West and the East to meet on the metaphysical level and then all the way down.
By Sherwin Lu   2009-07-03
We see two kinds of “nationalism”, the offensive one represented by the U.S. government and the defensive by the Chinese people. This difference has come about as part of human history... Since the Chinese people’s national consciousness, or defensive nationalism, arose as a response to aggression, oppression and exploitation by “modern” imperialist powers, it is not fair or just for Prof. Crane to accuse the defensive nationalism of the Chinese people while indulging the aggressive national chauvinism of certain imperialist powers.
Lord Shang and Legelism
By Chad Hansen   2009-06-18
An Apology for New Legalism in Reply to Prof. Sam Crane
By Yuzhong Zhai   2009-06-18
As a matter of fact, nationalism is quite alien to the Chinese, for China has not been subjected to constant pressures from external aggressors in history like the much divided Europe, but on the contrary, she has been used to viewing political relations from the standpoint of the whole world (Tian Xia, or天下). This broad-mindedness is beyond the comprehension of most Westerners, who cannot look beyond national interests and would even go so far as to defend any evil atrocities in the name of national interests
Buddhism versus Western Modernity and Chinese Feudal Hierarchy
By Henry C. K. Liu   2009-06-01
Taoism and Modernity
By Henry C. K. Liu   2009-06-01
Rule of Law vs. Confucianism
By Henry C. K. Liu   2009-06-01
Legalism and Confucianism: A brief comparison
By Henry C. K. Liu   2009-05-31
“Propriety” (礼) Recalled: Towards a spiritual revolution in this 21st century
By Yuzhong Zhai   2008-12-11
Like the other essays in this series by Mr. Zhai on classical Chinese academic thought ...this one that touches on ethics also has a direct bearing on the world situation today. Many people, including economists, put the blame for today’s US and world financial crisis on the indulgence of greediness of some of those with extensive economic and political power. Whereas, “propriety” teaches people to restrain themselves from excessive desires that harm the interests of other people and damage societal and human-Nature harmony. But this is only half of the story....
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