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News Report from The New Legalist: Books published on Legalism
By Xinfajia
2013-09-23 06:09:34
 Updated 1/1/2019


     [ Report from The New Legalist ] Since the opening of The New Legalist website in 2007, besides having won a wide readership to the website, a dozen books (in Chinese) have been published in China, reflecting the hard work and encouraging achievements in academic research of its staff members. Many passages from Zhai’s and Lu’s works have been translated into English and posted on this website. Any offer for help in the translation of these books into English will be welcome and appreciated. Here is the list:

翟玉忠 (Zhai, Yuzhong, general editor):


  《道法中国二十一世纪中华文明的复兴Daoist-Legalist China: The revival of Chinese civilization in 21st century ), 中央编译出版社, 2008.


  国富策中国古典经济思想及其三十六计The Way to Enrich the Nation: Classical Chinese economic thoughts and the thirty-six stratagems)中国友谊出版公司,2010. (Also a Korean translation published.)


  中国拯救世界应对人类危机的中国文化 (China Saves the World – Chinese culture being the solution to current human crises),中央编译出版社, 2010.


   中国商道—中国商人的长生久富之道The Traditional Chinese Way of Doing Business for Sustainable Prosperity), 中央编译出版社, 2012.


   《正名—中国人的逻辑Rectification of  Names:The traditional Chinese way of thinking), 中央编译出版社, 2013.


 国富新论:中国经济学轻重之术New on the Wealth of Nations: The art of balancing in Chinese economics),中央编译出版社, 2013.


  礼之道: 中华礼义之学的重建The Dao of Propriety: Rehabilitation of traditional Chinese ethics), 中央编译出版社, 2014.


  性命之学:儒门心法新四书阐微  (The Learning of Human Nature and Destiny: A detailed elucidation of the new four books on Confucian approach to character cultivation), 中央编译出版社, 2014.


     斯文在兹:中华文化的源与流   (There it was: Origin and development of Chinese culture), 中央编译出版社, 2014.   

  《人类文明的基因:人类二元观念与世界文化的分野》(The Gene of Human Civilization: Dualism in human perception and divergence in world culture (in words and pictures)),中央编译出版社, 2017.


       《说服天下 — <鬼谷子>的中国沟通术
         Convince the World: Chinese art of communication in Guiguzi 

华军(Hua, Jun, editor of the Chinese section):


  《老子的法治思想:帛书<老子>里的文明真相中国财富出版社, 2012.
   (Laozi on Rule of Law: New annotations on Laozi according to Western Han Mawangdui silk version)


Sherwin Lu (陆寿筠, Editor-in-chief of the English section):

  人类向何处去:新世纪意识形态之较量与重组 ,九州出版社,2013.
  (Where is the Mankind Heading for: Contests and realignments between ideologies in the new century


翟玉忠 (Zhai, Yuzhong) ,Sherwin Lu (陆寿筠) 联合主编,co-ed.:


   《新法家说》第一辑,中英双语,The New Legalist, Vol. 1. in both Chinese & English,东方香港东方文化出版社 & Tri-City Press, NY, USA. 2010. -- BULK FREE COPIES AVAILABLE. PLEASE CONTACT: lusherwin@yahoo.com


Any offer for help in the translation of these books into English will be welcome and appreciated.



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