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Socialism in Ancient China: Report on a seminar
By Xinfajia   2017-08-01
China's politico-economic system in remote antiquity was characterized by, among other factors, effective institutions ensuring state ownership of land and of natural resources, the former in the form of the "nine squares" land system. Socialist theories and practices in ancient China was the result of natural social evolution from the genes and tradition of public ownership-based economy and moral virtue-guided politics typical of Chinese civilization.
It’s far too easy for Donald Trump to start a nuclear war
By STEPHEN KINZER   2017-08-23
Killer Robot Army: Google, Tesla Warn AI Killing Machines Could Devastate Mankind
By Damien Sharkov   2017-08-22
After firing, Bannon returns to his 'killing machine'
By James Oliphant & Steve Holland   2017-08-20
The New Legalist editor: Read this and see for reference the nuances in the current politics of this deeply divided USA. Whether "globalists" or nationalists or "centrist" Democrats, all have been adopting a monopolistic-capitalistic-imperialistic policy, dominating globally and domestically, in the interests of the 1%, not those of the 99% working people, while trying to cover up their real purpose by instigating or indulging racial conflicts from seemingly opposite standpoints like in a two-man comic show. All who are trying to defend the interests of the 99% need to see through all this ...
White people should be more afraid of other whites than they are of people of color
By Mike Males   2017-08-20
Rates of homicides, gun killings and illicit-drug fatalities are highest in counties where nine in 10 residents are white and where President Trump won. tells white nationalists DNA tests won’t back ‘twisted ideologies’
By Joshua Rhett Miller   2017-08-19
Crying Nazi Snowflake Needs A Safe Space (VIDEO)
By The Young Turks   2017-08-19
Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell is a big tough guy until there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break down his sobbing video.
US Failure, Blame China
By Finian Cunningham   2017-08-18
Trump and his daughter Ivanka are owners of global retail businesses whose cosmetics and clothing are manufactured in China and exported to the US, thereby contributing to their country's trade deficit. The insatiable pursuit of financial profit as the sole objective leads inevitably to the gutting of one's own country and compatriots if it means that profits can be maximized elsewhere. For over 30 years, American workers and communities have been decimated by capitalists like Trump and other oligarchs who had no conscience about betraying their compatriots to make big bucks somewhere overseas.
Putting an End to the Rent Economy
By Michael Hudson   2017-08-18
In an Orwellian doublethink language, a free market now means an economy free for rent extractors, free for predators to make money, and essentially free for financial and corporate crime. The Obama Administration de-criminalized fraud. This has attracted the biggest criminals – and the wealthiest families – to the banking sector, because that’s where the money is. Crooks want to rob banks, and the best way to rob a bank is to own one. So criminals become bankers. You can look at Iceland, at HSBC, or at Citibank and Wells-Fargo in the news today. Their repeated lawbreaking and criminal activities have been shown to be endemic in the US. But nobody goes to jail. You can steal as much money as you want, and you’ll never go to jail if you’re a banker and pay off the political parties with campaign contribution. It’s much like drug dealers paying off crooked police forces. So crime is pouring into the financial system.




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