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Democratic World Order in Three Major Levels: Grassroots Business Units – Nation-States – Global Commonwealth
By Sherwin Lu   2015-07-01
Under the conditions of capitalist democracy, with corporate and state power unchecked by labor democracy, it is inevitable that the most powerful capital forces would impose their undemocratic will on wherever their power can reach on the planet, i.e., on 99% of the world’s population, and try all tyrannical means and behind-the-scene schemes to suppress the 99% people’s democratic expression of opposition to exploitation and oppression by capital, especially by monopoly capital. Therefore, the palace of democracy should be a comprehensive and systematic complex structure。。。
Gao Jun’s Transition from Practicing Western Medicine to Chinese Medicine
By Xiao Hongci (萧宏慈)   2015-07-06
Greek Crisis Awaits Other NATO Partners
By Finian Cunningham   2015-07-05
The contradictions of" real socialism": the conductor and the conducted
By Michael A. Lebowitz   2015-07-05
Pope Francis, in Sweeping Encyclical, Calls for Swift Action on Climate Change
Excerpts from Pope Francis encyclical on the environment
By   2015-07-04
Was America founded as a Christian nation?
By Mark Edwards   2015-07-04
New Book: The Failure of Capitalist Production
By   2015-07-02
Wall Street and the Greek Financial Crisis
How a Policy of Debt Cutting and Tax Reform Would Revive the Greek Economy

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