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A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies(II): Ultimate Faith (4-5)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-04-16
... aspects of ultimate faith -- limited possibility and misleading ambiguity of verbalization, and its symbolic and intuitive nature – inevitably lead to the diversity in ways of presentation... Given the differences in geographical environment, cultural tradition and other subjective and objective conditions, the above-said diversity is not only natural but necessary and beneficial, not detrimental, to the sublimation of human spirit in general....
Tomgram: Ann Jones, Our Veblen Moment
By Ann Jones   2019-04-17
Veblen observed a world in which that leisure class, looking down its collective nose at the laboring masses, was all around him, but ... His anthropological studies revealed earlier cooperative, peaceable cultures that had supported no such idle class at all. In them, men and women had labored together, motivated by an instinctive pride in workmanship, a natural desire to emulate the best workers, 。。。Veblen zoomed in for a close up of America’s most influential man: “the Business Man.” To Veblen, he was “the Predator” personified: the man who invests in industry, any industry, simply to extract profits from it. Veblen saw that such predators created nothing, produced nothing, and did nothing of economic significance but seize profits.... Later in life, Veblen, the evolutionary, felt sure that the American capitalist system, as it was, could not last. He thought it would eventually fall apart....To the end, Veblen had hoped that one day the Predators would be driven from the marketplace and the workers would find their way to socialism. Yet a century ago, it seemed to him more likely that a Gilded Business Man would arise to become a kind of primitive Warlord and Dictator and the triumph in America of a system we would eventually recognize and call by its modern name: fascism.
9-YEAR-OLD NEWS:Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks
By   2019-04-14
Can you believe it???!!!
Harvard’s freshman class is more than one-third legacy—here’s why that’s a problem
By Emmie Martin, Yoni Blumberg   2019-04-13
Legacy students tend to be wealthy and white, two demographics that are already disproportionately represented at many colleges, especially the most selective ones.
In San Francisco, making a living from your billionaire neighbor's trash
By Thomas Fuller   2019-04-12
SAN FRANCISCO — Three blocks from Mark Zuckerberg’s $10 million Tudor home in San Francisco, Jake Orta lives in a small, single-window studio apartment filled with trash. There’s a child’s pink bicycle helmet that Orta dug out from the garbage bin across the street from Zuckerberg’s house. And a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, a coffee machine — all in working condition — and a pile of clothes that he carried home in a Whole Foods paper bag retrieved from Zuckerberg’s bin....
The American Empire Is the Sick Man of the 21st Century
By DAVID KLION   2019-04-11
Failure at the center has left the United States up for sale to the highest bidder.
China's Workers Are Protesting Tech's Deadly '996' Overtime Culture. Alibaba's Jack Ma Says He Requires It.
By Lulu Yilun Chen   2019-04-11
To survive at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. you need to work 12 hours a day, six days a week. That’s what billionaire Jack Ma demands of his staff at China’s biggest e-commerce platform.
Donald Trump Is Trying to Kill You
By Paul Krugman   2019-04-10
What’s Life Like as a Student at U.S.C.? Depends on the Size of the Bank Account.
By Jennifer Medina   2019-04-09

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