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Balance-Seeking Approach and “Inward Sageness and External Kingliness” (内圣外王)
By Sherwin Lu   2015-10-02
To put in a nutshell, “inward sageness” means, at its core, self-cultivation of virtue with freedom from excessive desire and readiness to follow the Way of Heaven, while “external kingliness”, to govern and benefit the people in line with the Heavenly Dao. And running through both is the balance-seeking approach, that is, to try one’s best to maintain a multidimensional Yin-Yang balance of the society as a whole with a view to the realization of world harmony.
WikiLeaks - The US Strategy to Create a New Global Legal and Economic System: TPP, TTIP, TISA (Must Watch Video)
By   2015-10-13
It's a Corporate coup d'état, war by stealth.
Who Really Discovered America? (The Real History Documentary)
By   2015-10-13
1421 Chinese discover America before Europeans (Video)
By Filipino Athlete   2015-10-13
Ancient markings resembling Chinese script found in America (Video in English)
By dugi2696551   2015-10-13
How did Christopher Columbus become so controversial?
By Cathaleen Chen   2015-10-12
A century ago, Christopher Columbus was considered the most glorious explorer in American history. Today, major cities are voting to eliminate the national holiday in his name. What happened?
China: First to Discover the New World?
By Marc Lallanilla   2015-10-12
Before Columbus, was there trade between Asia and New World?
By Owen Jarus   2015-10-12
Artifacts unearthed at a 1,000-year-old home in Alaska suggest that East Asians and Native Americans were exchanging goods centuries before Columbus set sail for the New World.
Myth: The Bible is the Word of God
By Christian Chiakulas   2015-10-12

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