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Multi-Dimensional Balance out of Ultimate Intangibility -- A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies (III-2)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-03-16
The ultimate origin of all existence is not anything substantial or tangible; it is only unlimited potentialities, neither material nor spiritual,... The basic principle of ultimate rationality is actually determined by the causal conditions for the emergence of the human-perceived world, i.e., by the limitedness of human consciousness, as is manifested in the multi-stage structure and outcome of human cognition.
Hermann Simon,German management thinker, interviewed by China News Service
By   2019-03-17
I don’t have the impression that we can generally accuse Chinese acquirers of German companies for doing something improperly。 For the vast majority the opposite is true。 There are some cases of misconduct, but I hold that their percentage is lower than for American acquirers of German companies.... China and Germany can become role models for free trade。 They are leaders in global trade and thus can exert enormous influence by creating free trade flows between Europe, China and other regions。 This should induce the US to eventually follow.... Of course, not everything is 100% separate in the West either。 Whether and how Western secret services obtain business data can only be guessed at。 But at least there are clear legal dividing lines that even apply to secret services。 But German companies and associations should also accept that they cannot change certain political conditions in China。 If one wants to do business with and in China, one has to accept the institutional framework there。 Nevertheless, there is a right to equal and fair treatment and every partner should insist on this right。
Trump Encourages Violence From His Supporters. They’re Listening.
By Sebastian Murdock   2019-03-17
President Donald Trump riles up his base with veiled threats of violence. His followers at rallies and protests can’t help but latch on. / RELATED: US Muslim advocacy group to Trump: 'We hold you responsible' for increase in Islamophobia
GOP lawmaker tried to silence a black senator in a gun law debate. She stood her ground - and won
By Michael Brice-Saddler   2019-03-16
A NOT YET OLD BOOK: The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids
By   2019-03-16
Dollar Hegemony, Again
By Michael Doliner   2019-03-15
A Swiftian Modest Proposal for the President Or How to Solve the Border and China Problems in One Swell Foop
By Tom Engelhardt   2019-03-14
The Killing Times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront
By Lorena Allam and Nick Evershed   2019-03-13
Special report: Shootings, poisonings and children driven off cliffs – this is a record of state-sanctioned slaughter
Trump condemned for budget cutting welfare while boosting spending for border wall and military: ‘This is for the billionaire class’
By Andrew Buncombe   2019-03-12
RELATED: Trump budget proposes steep subsidy cuts to farmers as they grapple with crisis


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