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How Confucianism Departed From the Dao of Dynamic Balance
By Sherwin Lu   2019-08-16
The 18th century French pioneer of economic liberalism Francois Quesnay was extolled as “the Confucius of Europe”. It shows that the economic policy of the Confucianist school of ancient China was once a source of inspiration for Western liberalist economists. Nowadays, instead of Confucianist liberalism, people are talking about the importance of Confucianist morality. But history has proved again and again that Confucianism failed to bring about a moral and prosperous society; and today’s realty is that Western liberalism, after creating cancerous prosperity for a minority of people in limited areas of the globe at the cost of all others’ well-being, subsistence and even lives and at the risk of destroying mankind’s future, is now sending the whole world into a freezing winter.
New York Times' lies about Hong Kong protest (Video)
By Nathan Rich   2019-08-23
Automation on Twitter was associated with anti-Chinese-state perspectives
By Gillian Bolsover, Phil Howard   2019-08-23
Gillian Bolsover, Phil Howard
GM Bt Corn Caused Organ Damage and Altered Blood Biochemistry, and Threatened Male Fertility
By   2019-08-23
Global Warming and U.S. National Security Diplomacy
By MICHAEL HUDSON   2019-08-22
RELATED: Climate change will cripple economies regardless of countries' wealth- report
Kamala’s Conundrum
By CLARK NEILY   2019-08-21
While these practices are legal and widespread, they are also immoral. For too long, too many prosecutors have embraced the fallacy that if the law allows them to do something, then it must be morally acceptable to do it.
Tomgram: Harris, Stimpson, and Freeman, The Military-Industrial Jobs Scam
By Harris, Stimpson, and Freeman   2019-08-20
Peter Bentley on Hong Kong protest (Video)
By Xinfajia   2019-08-19
Labor Puts Candidates On Notice: 'Let's Be Honest About The Democratic Party's Record'
By Dave Jamieson   2019-08-19
“both parties” are to blame for a system that caters to the rich...We are caught in a web of century-old labor laws that prioritize unchecked corporate greed over all else,”...

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