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Lack of Ultimate Humility, Tolerance and Balance-Oriented Thinking -- A Critique of Communist Ideology, II(6-8) - III
By Sherwin Lu   2017-06-01
Of the three value items of humility, tolerance and balance-seeking mentality most needed by humanity today, humility is the one that commands over the other two (which are derived from it) from the supreme metaphysical height. All three belong to the domain of "ultimate rationality" (related to world outlook, view on life and moral values) and should penetrate into all areas of sub-spiritual and material life on the physical level, including instrumental rationality, scientific research, and scholarship in humanities. They are authentically universal values. Anything that runs counter to the three top value items headed by "humility" is but deceitful lies.
The Conservative Case for Unions
By Jonathan Rauch   2017-06-23
How a new kind of labor organization could address the grievances underlying populist anger
Closing Democracy’s Doors Until the People Open Them
By RALPH NADER   2017-06-22
West and East, Cultural Differences (video)
By Christian R. Bueno   2017-06-20
A documentary with interesting studies about Eastern and Western thought, not their opinions of a specific topic, but mental schemes, reasoning and learning.
By Dallon Adams   2017-06-19
How The New Silk Road Is Saving Lives
By Wade Shepard   2017-06-19
Trump Administration Sides With Employers Over Workers On Arbitration Agreements
By Dave Jamieson   2017-06-18
Don't blame socialism for Venezuela's woes
By Al Jazeera News   2017-06-18
We explain why blaming only socialism for Venezuela's political and economic crisis doesn't make sense.
It's high time for a new, multipolar world order
By Lorenzo Marsili   2017-06-17
Pax Americana is over, but empowered cities and a reformed EU can take the lead for a better global governance model.




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