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A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies (I): Ultimate Rationality
By Sherwin Lu   2016-02-01
“Instrumental rationality, science, and knowledge based on mind-matter binary opposition are indispensable, but should not be blindly believed in nor indulged but be regulated and adjusted by ultimate rationality, i.e., supreme wisdom matching the ultimate mind/matter-as-one reality of all existence, if humanity want to avoid Heavenly punishment. The Way of Heaven, or Dao, can never be defeated, believe it or not.”
The differences between the Catholic and Orthodox churches
By The Economist   2016-02-13
Liberal intolerance is on the rise on America’s college campuses
By Catherine Rampell   2016-02-13
Behind Hillary Clinton’s growing ‘woman problem’
By Jonah Goldberg   2016-02-12
Congresswoman Barbara Lee Urges Speaker Paul Ryan To Debate Use Of Military Force Against ISIL
By Hannah Albarazi   2016-02-11
What Clinton said in her paid speeches
By Ben White   2016-02-11
Recalled one attendee: 'She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.'
How a Clinton staffer ‘blackmailed’ reporters
By Bob Fredericks   2016-02-11
Happy Chinese New Year! This is what the Chinese zodiac says about you
By Kathryn Chou and Samantha Lee   2016-02-10
In honor of Chinese New Year, here are 540 dancing robots! (Video)
By Lloyd Alter   2016-02-10
Here's an idea for next year's Super Bowl halftime show.

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