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Traditional Socialism(3): Unidimensional Political Economy & Dualistic “Democratic Centralism”
By Sherwin Lu   2017-01-01
Marxist political economy, by revealing that capital, with its domination over labor, has usurped the whole surplus value from social production, has successfully provided in economic terms the theoretical rationale for the final elimination of the exploitation system rooted in private ownership of means of production... However, there are deficiencies in this theory due to lack of dimensions in the way of thinking... ...Just as the philosophy of dialectical materialism is dualistic in failing to unify mind and matter into a transcendental oneness, the traditional socialist principle of “democratic centralism” as an application of that philosophy, phrased as “centralism based on democracy and democracy guided by centralism [the center]” is also dualistic in evading the fundamental question: Which of the two, “democracy” or “centralism”, or something even more essential, should have the ultimate authority?
Bill Introduced to End US Membership in UN
By Brian Freeman   2017-01-24
China swings back at golf, shutting down 111 courses
By AP   2017-01-24
California expands climate goals as Trump curbs carbon rules
By Rory Carroll   2017-01-23
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure (report & video)
By Jay Yarow   2017-01-23
Trump’s White House vows to kill Obama’s Climate Action Plan
By Michael Walsh   2017-01-22
WhiteHouse.Gov Official Healthcare Page Deleted After Trump Inauguration, Not Included Among US Issues
By DENISSE MORENO   2017-01-22
Is this what we’ve come to, America?
By Dana Milbank   2017-01-21
How China’s Xi Helped Climate, Cooperation, and Trade at World Economic Forum in Davos
By Steve Zwick   2017-01-21




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