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Socialistic Policies of Ancient China [6]: Government Loans and Public Relief (1): Theories and Application
By Xinfajia   2018-11-01
The principle of government aid for the farmer was noted by Mencius. Government lending was with or without interest at different times and in different circumstances through different kinds of systems; the principle being that the borrower should not make private profit at public expense and that the people were benefited without loss to the government while usury was prevented. The results of practicing this principle varied, depending on the different systems and different administrators at different times of history.
War Criminals in High Office Commemorate the End of World War I
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky   2018-11-15
Has The U.S. Gone Insane?
By Jeffrey Bowers /The Vimeo Blog   2018-11-13
In a 2010 essay published on Adbusters, Hedges caught the eye of filmmaker Amanda Zackem, when he succinctly spelled out the problems with totalitarian capitalism and corporate power. Those ideas deeply resonated with Zackem and caused her to reach out to Hedges about bringing his essay into the cinematic realm in order to expose them to a larger audience. This week’s Staff Pick Premiere, “American Psychosis,” is the result of that process and their attempt to make people think more deeply about the world we’re living in.
USA Has Become Oligarchy
By F. William Engdahl   2018-11-12
In remembering WWI, world warned of resurging 'old demons'
By JOHN LEICESTER, etc   2018-11-11
The real demons today are GLOBAL monopoly capital blocs inspite of their nationalistic, racist, isolationist, populist posture. -- The New Legalist editor
A Century of U.S. Intervention Created the Immigration Crisis
By Mark Tseng-Putterman   2018-11-11
Those seeking asylum today inherited a series of crises that drove them to the border
Wildfire destroys thousands of buildings in California town
Wildfire destroys thousands of buildings in Paradise, IRONICALLY, a California town -- Worth reading in all details -- Isn't it like the unfolding of "God-sent fire" of towns mentioned in the Bible and so very true if we read "God" as the angry Nature GIVING US THE ULTIMATE WARNING: If we do not stop exploiting and consuming Mother Earth in the current ways to satisfy our insatiable material desires, human's SAVAGE (capitalist) "civilization" will go up in planet-wide huge "fire" VERY SOON!!! -- The New Legalist editor
Yes, Chinese Piracy Has Lost Microsoft a Lot of Windows Revenue. But the Story Isn't So Simple
By David Meyer   2018-11-09
"However, Microsoft’s operating system achieved that position of extreme dominance through piracy."
Rescuing the Banks Instead of the Economy (audio & text)
By Michael Hudson   2018-11-08
Dr. Michael Hudson discusses, with Bonnie Faulkner on Guns and Butter, how the bank bailouts, not the crash, are killing the economy. Also, the concept of debt deflation, the magic of compound interest, the growth of the financial extraction FIRE sector, quantitative easing, tariffs, economic sanctions and isolationism.

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Wildfire destroys thousands of buildings in California town
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