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A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies(II): Ultimate Faith (1-3)
By Sherwin Lu   2019-06-16
What is ultimate faith? It is belief in the ultimate reality of all existence viewed as a transcendental whole and confidence in it as the ultimate support for spiritual sustenance. It can appear either as worship of some deity or deities in religion or as conviction in and adherence to some abstract notion about supreme being or ultimate truth such as secular Daoism and Buddhism. In other words, ultimate faith is not exactly the same as religious faith, for it can be either religious or non-religious.
Spotlight: Jimmy Carter receives award for role in China-US relations
By   2019-06-25
The speakers noted that the statesmanship the two former presidents demonstrated in developing the U.S.-China relationship should be an example for modern-day leaders, as some in Washington are trying to pit the two countries against each other. / "President Bush categorically rejected the notion that China is an enemy or adversary of our nation. On the contrary, he laid out a powerful vision of U.S.-China full partnership and friendship," said David Firestein, president and CEO of the BCF, in his remarks.
U.S. Vs. China Military Spending: Which Is Bigger?
By David Floyd   2019-06-24
U.S. military spending more than doubles that of China's. / RELATED: America's Respectable War Criminals
Can Twenty-First Century Fascism Resolve the Crisis of Global Capitalism?
By William I. Robinson   2019-06-23
The Transnational Capitalist Class and state apparatuses at its disposal attempt to resolve both the economic crisis of overaccumulation and to manage the political conditions of that crisis, that is, the spread of global revolt. "Trump’s populism and protectionism has no policy substance; it is almost entirely symbolic...."
A New Old Book: Why Men Rebel by Ted Robert Gurr
By Xinfajia   2019-06-22
Alabama’s Ashes Enlarge On Flint’s Lead
By DAVID UNDERHILL   2019-06-21
The Twin Dangers of Exceptionalism and Mindless Bi-Partisanship
By Melvin Goodman   2019-06-20
Tomgram: Laura Gottesdiener, An American Saddam Hussein?
By Laura Gottesdiener   2019-06-19
America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals.
By Farhad Manjoo   2019-06-18

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