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Mutual complementarity through contests: Where is the Mankind Heading for, III-2(1)
By Sherwin Lu   2014-08-01
The author believes that none of the thought traditions that have lasted for ages or can spread far and wide over the globe in contemporary times… can be without a single good point... The reason why we are now focusing our criticism on Western mainstream ideology is because its world domination with the backing of globally strongest military power is playing the wicked role in serving the interests of international monopoly capital, the very root cause of all present-day crises threatening the survival of the human race.
Ted Strickland Tried To Live On The Minimum Wage For A Week, Ran Out Of Baloney
By Arthur Delaney   2014-07-30
One-third of Americans are drowning in debt
By Mandi Woodruff   2014-07-29
China’s minimum wage rising as rich-poor gap widens
By Laura He   2014-07-29
In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
By Annie Robbins   2014-07-28
Citizens United measure challenged -- does it matter what Californians think about corporate personhood?
By Holly McDede   2014-07-27
w/ note from The New Legalist editor
Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League
By William Deresiewicz   2014-07-26
The nation's top colleges are turning our kids into zombies
Us: No Evidence of Direct Russia Link to Plane-Downing
By Jason Ditz   2014-07-24
What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?
By Robert Parry   2014-07-24


Zhai Yuzhong (翟玉忠):

1. 《性命之学:儒门心法新四书阐微

(The Learning of Human Nature and Destiny: A detailed elucidation

of the new four books on Confucian approach to character cultivation)

 2. 《斯文在兹:中华文化的源与流

 (There it was: Origin and development of Chinese culture)

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