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On American Revolution
By PAUL STREET   2017-07-04
...the “American Revolution” was a national independence movement led by wealthy landowners, slaveowners, and merchants who feared uprisings from below. They wanted more breathing space to develop further systems of racial oppression, territorial conquest, and class rule. For them national independence was required among other things to prevent social revolution. The last thing the nation’s wealth aristo-republican Founders wanted was a world turned upside down... No revolution occurred. Not even close... / ...a deeply entrenched and carbon-addicted corporate and financial sector is leading the world over the environmental cliff through the championing of endless growth and attendant “anthropogenic” (really capitalogenic) climate destruction... That is a call for the capitalogenic extermination of the human species – a transgression that will make the worst crimes of homo sapiens so far pale by comparison. It is also a call for revolution. Nowhere is the need for such a movement urgent than what is still the world’s leading and most powerful capitalist state, the U.S.... ...We need a revolution now, a first American Revolution....
No to THAAD in Korea, Yes to Peace through Dialogue
By US Solidarity Peace Delegation   2017-07-27
July 2017 Statement by Solidarity Peace Delegation of the Task Force to Stop THAAD in Korea and Militarism in Asia and the Pacific and the Channing and Popai Liem Education Foundation
Quantitative Easing: the Most Opaque Transfer of Wealth in History
By Dan Glazebrook   2017-07-26
Tomgram: William Hartung, The Trillion-Dollar National Security Budget
By Xinfajia   2017-07-26
140 years ago, San Francisco was set ablaze during the city's deadliest race riots
By Katie Dowd   2017-07-25
Class War on the Waterfront: Longshore Workers Under Attack
By JACK HEYMAN   2017-07-24
The labor movement should launch a new campaign for a shorter workweek at no loss in pay as part of a struggle for full employment to benefit all, ... One proposal was to make automation benefit dockworkers by reducing the workweek to 30 hours while maintaining 40 hours pay, creating another work shift.
How The Muslim Ban Legalized Islamophobia
By Abdul Malik Mujahid   2017-07-24
20% of American muslims plan to leave US
Is Pope Francis a real reformer? (Video)
By Al Jazeera News   2017-07-23
We debate Pope Francis’ reforms to the Catholic Church, and whether or not he is too progressive.
A White Person Wrote ‘Why Anyone Can Be Chinese,’ And It’s A Checklist In Privilege
By Kimberly Yam   2017-07-23




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On American Revolution
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