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Daoism vs. Christianity as ideologies -- A Critique of Rationalism in Modern World Ideologies (IV 1-2)
By Sherwin Lu   2016-09-01
... the core content of any ideology should be a system of politico-economic theories together with matching thoughts on moral-cultural subjects in advocacy of a specific order of social relationships; and any religious or secular philosophy that gives an account of the metaphysical world and its relationship with the physical world and is serving a specific ideology as its philosophical foundation and hence part of its thought system naturally also belongs to the category of “ideology”.... Belief in any ideology, or any political conviction, can never replace an ultimate faith in the spiritual life of an individual and of a human community either. It is because ultimate faith is one belonging to the highest level and should function as a guide and a norm-setter for social ideologies.
Breaking: Guccifer 2.0 Releases More DNC Docs, Exposing More Corruption
By The New York Observer   2016-09-25
Why we should treat Islamophobia as a public health issue
By Goleen Samari   2016-09-24
Professor: Islam Viewed Through Distorted Lens
By Jamaal Abdul-Alim   2016-09-24
BOOK REVIEW: ‘Law & Order: The World of Criminal Justice’ (with photos)
By Yahoo News Photo Staff   2016-09-23
The book is a rare and innovative examination of criminal justice, combining the world of photographic art with that of legal science. Banning’s photographs reveal the daily realities of the police, the courts, the prisoners and the often hidden prison conditions in four countries: Colombia, France, Uganda and the United States.
'World thirsts for peace', pope tells religious leaders
By Catherine Marciano,...   2016-09-22
A Look At 7 New Cities Rising Along The New Silk Road
By Wade Shepard   2016-09-21
Tomgram: Chip Ward, Peace Pipes, Not Oil Pipes
By Chip Ward   2016-09-21
New WikiLeaks DNC Dump Reveals Government Positions for Sale to Highest Bidder
By Josie Wales   2016-09-19

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