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Socialistic Policies of Ancient China [3]: Exclusion of the Ruling Class from the Economic Field
By Xinfajia   2018-02-01
The Confucians exclude salaried officials from the gainful occupations. This has a great influence on Chinese economic life. In China's history there are very few officials who accumulated a great fortune in any way they could. Modesty and purity were the general spirit of the officials. As they did not compete with the common people for profits, the people had much more chance to compete among themselves, and enjoyed full freedom of economic activity without being in unfavorable competition with those who had added power.
Making America Great Through Exploitation, Servitude and Abuse
By James Petras   2018-02-19
The Limits of #MeToo: Sectionalism, Economism, and “Identity Politics” on the Left
By ANTHONY DIMAGGIO   2018-02-19
We need a broad-based left movement today, and the potential for such a coalition becomes more feasible considering mass public anger over institutionalized sexism, racism, and classism. Mass anger is the foundation upon which a progressive movement must be built.
In wake of another shooting, calls for a national school walkout
By Michelle Robertson   2018-02-18
9 faith leaders on “thoughts and prayers” — and action — after tragedy
By Tara Isabella Burton   2018-02-18
Some say “God is not a cosmic vending machine,” while others champion the power of prayer.
The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs
By Chris Hedges   2018-02-18
A Dangerous Turn in U.S. Foreign Policy
By CONN HALLINAN   2018-02-18
Trump Privatizes America
The Church of America
By Sheldon Richman   2018-02-18
The religion this church administers is Americanism, a species of nationalism.

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The New Legalist Book Release -- The Gene of Human Civilization: Dualism in human perception and divergence in world culture (in words and pictures)
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